Our Team

Amaro Martins: CEO

PhD student in Political Science and International Relations.

Mentor of the idea and promoter of actions for the development of the project.

Henrique Bastos : CEO

PhD student in Electrochemistry.

Leader of the Chemical, Biotechnological and Laboratory Part of the Project.

Rui Silva: Lead Mechanical Engineer

Post-Graduated in Maintenance Engineering.

Main responsible for the mechanical innovations and applications of the project.

Elvira Nurmukhamedova:

Research & Innovation Scientist

Master in Chemistry

Main Researcher of the scientific innovations of the project related to materials and chemicals used.

Seomara Félix:

Mechanical & Physics Innovation Scientist

Master's student in Engineering Physics

Main researcher of the scientific component of the project related to mechanics and physics of the device.

Dr. Sajad Kiani:

Scientific Advisor

PhD in Materials Engineering

He obtained his PhD in Materials Engineering from Swansea University (UK) and is currently working as a Post-doctorate Research Associate at the Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) at Swansea University.

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