The Hephaesnus Project

Our device allows the protection of our environmental heritage, savings of billions of euros, while safeguarding our forests and the safety of our Firefighters.

We have developed a technology that enables fighting forest fires in a safer, cheaper and more effective manner, using only sustainable materials. Our technology consists in an attachable device to conventional firefighting trucks that launch sustainable projectiles with an extinguishing load, enabling fighting forest fires at a safe distance of upwards to 350 meters. This  increases safety and diminishes risks to the safety of firemen, people, and our biodiversity. This solution also allows the protection of large agricultural property damages in case of fire, environmental protection, higher efficiency, and savings when compared to other potential solutions.

What Are The Advantages?

Reduction of Burnt Forest Area

Every year, about 500 hectares of forest are burned per large fire (Ferreira-Leite et al., 2016), with tens of thousands of occurrences in the last 5 years (ICNF).

Reduction of Risks and Losses

By using our device, the number of fire fighters can be reduced or redirected to other objectives, always safeguarding their physical integrity and reducing human and environmental damage.

Greater Sustainability

The device allows the reduction and purchase of other extinguishing agents and firefighting mechanisms, which are  economically and environmentallyless efficient. We also value the use of eco-friendly materials and compounds, both in the creation of the device and in the extinguishing load and projectiles.

A Revolutionary Project

From the materials used to its employment method, this Project stands out for its Innovation, Sustainability and Revolutionary way of fighting Forest Fires.

Safer Firefighting

Our device allows combat from safe distances for operatives and reaches terrain that would otherwise be inaccessible with vehicles;

Highly Lucrative

The fact that our project allows incorporation in more conventional methods, not using other means, expensive materials, or high maintenance, will allow savings to States;


We use state-of-the-art technology and innovations created by us to ensure high efficiency of the device and projectiles, as well as high environmental sustainability, capable of being adaptable to territorial and market needs on a global level.


The device is attachable to existing land vehicles, being perfectly compatible with the modus operandi of various institutions, not requiring other vehicles or components for its usage.

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