Expanding Knowledge

At Hephaesnus Engineering we believe in creating solutions that improve our planet, and especially our environment. For this, the continuous learning and exchange of knowledge and soft skills is of utmost importance. For this, in Hephaesnus we have invested in a continuous presence in several environmental and technological conferences (mainly in the economic and technological decarbonization field), such as:

  • Environment Conference of the University of Lisbon: JorTec
  • Environment Conference of Instituto Superior Técnico: JEAmbi
  • VIII Conference on Naval Engineering: Instituto Superior Técnico
  • Conference on European Funds for Enterprises: ECO
  • Brainstorming Sessions with Senior Professionals and Key Sector Experts

We believe that the exchange of knowledge and learning is valuable for the future of our planet and increased business innovation. At Hephaesnus, we hope we can do our part and ensure a higher success rate in protecting our environment.

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